Kenny Deckert – Album Completion

Kenny Decket & I Celebrating the completion of the album

An impromptu call during the Summer of 2016 lead to a first conversation between Kenny & I. This musician had just moved back into the area and had great song ideas, however no working band to pull the music together. “Is that something you can do?” he asked, “can you take my vocals, song ideas […]


Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter tracking acoustic guitar

       I’ve been hard at work with Ryan Carter doing production on his single “It’s The Little Things”. Ryan brought this song to me awhile back as a garage band demo.  Right away I could tell this was a really good song, especially when it hit the chorus with big vocals singing a […]


Carousel Drive – EP Recording

Carousel Drive consists of Singer/Songwriter Jeff Frank. Carousel Drive was formed in 2015 after Jeff ventured off to create his own project. Originally from Selinsgrove Pennsylvania, Jeff is very active in the San Diego California music scene since he moved out there 2 years ago. Carousel Drive roots influences from music acts such as Snow Patrol, […]


Adam Gingrich – Album Completion

  I first worked with Adam in a band called “The OK Rivals” a few years back. We both immediately hit it off and really enjoyed working together. Now he is working on his solo project and taking a very different musical direction.   The first thing he told me when he came in to […]


The Roadmaps….

….to success!  I always love the way Ron Simasek of The Badless charts out songs.



Making some new music with Dubby of Team Loko. Got to break out my Ebow and Strat. Can’t wait to track the vocals in the next session.


Devon Cayro

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Studio, Harisburg PA, Central PA Recording Studio

Worked on recording vocals with Devon Cayro for what we have already started. Next week we will continue with vocals and lay down more acoustic tracks. Oh and somebody found a cool vinyl record…….


Take 147

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with the high energy all girl rock band, Take 147.  The band was formed in 2005 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has been extremely popular in the surrounding area’s rock scene. This past June, Take 147 released their debut full length album entitled “Nothing […]


Nathan Veshecco “Sunset Again”

Songwriter Nathan Veshecco’s latest release, Sunset Again, marks a solitary new chapter in music making. After a decade of writing and producing group efforts (with the occasional solo acoustic tune) at outside recording facilities, Veshecco went inward – in every sense – for his latest effort. Spending much of 2012 on the road visiting family and […]


Kilmaine Saints

SAINT (noun) 1. a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence. 2. a founder, sponsor, or patron, as of a movement or organization. KILMAINE (noun) 1. a rural village in County Mayo, Ireland. KILMAINE SAINTS (noun) 1. Musical group that is equal parts Irish Swagger, Scottish Pride and whiskey. This explosive, high-energy Celtic rock band […]


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