Full Tilt Productions and Defiant are coming in strong amidst the 2020 apocalypse! Defiant is bringing a sonic apocalypse with the re-release of their album “Anarch-EP.” With a dynamic sound featuring classic punk, hard rock, and heavy metal, this four-person South Central, PA band formed in 2018 and has derived inspiration from punk and heavy-metal legends such as; The Misfits, Iggy Pop, The Stooges, Social Distortion, Pantera, Black Sabbath, and Metallica. 

Paul Barlowski (bass), Albert “Big Al” Halterman (guitar/lead vocals), Paul “PMCF” Cochran (drums), Joe Defiant (lead guitar)

Working collaboratively with Full Tilt Productions and Curtain Call Records, the re-released “Anarch-EP” album is an amalgamation of aggression against society, the status quo, with a splash of history and literature. According to the band this album came with its own unique challenges, specifically structured recording using a “click” for precision, “but when you finally get that riff or verse right, that’s the magic right there.” If F.A.I.L. stands for first attempt at learning, Defiant is no stranger to the difficulties and sheer perseverance it takes to achieve success. Defiant states, “We’re so proud to successfully lay down an EP. We’ve tried multiple times to just get a song recorded with failed result after failed result, and it’s just crazy to think that we actually could do it.”

With Full Tilt Productions’ music producer/engineer, Jason Shaffer, working his magic behind the scenes Defiant was able to knock the recording of this album out in just three days! A few weeks in Jason’s hands for mixing and mastering and a heavy-hitting record was born. According to Defiant, “The way it sounds, you would think we were sitting behind the monitors for months, but that’s the beauty of a solid studio session…” Touting Jason’s musical wizardry for a fantastic sound, they claim Full Tilt Productions was the, “picture perfect studio experience.” Jason was able to handle any ideas thrown at him and was thorough in ensuring anything he did he ran by the band first.

Defiant Album Cover
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What’s Next for Defiant?

The band is looking forward to collaborating with Full Tilt Productions on some new 2020 projects including a second EP. They are also looking forward to dominating the stages of the Eastern US with their punk and heavy-metal sound. To book the band for your next event contact Defiant at defiant17055@gmail.com, and follow them on social media.

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