Kenny Deckert – Album Completion

Kenny Decket & I Celebrating the completion of the album

An impromptu call during the Summer of 2016 lead to a first conversation between Kenny & I. This musician had just moved back into the area and had great song ideas, however no working band to pull the music together. “Is that something you can do?” he asked, “can you take my vocals, song ideas […]


Corianne Silvers

The last 2 days have been pre production with Corianne Silvers. Tons of cool ideas explored, really liking where this is headed.


Composition & Production Workshop

Intuitive Composition and Master Production Workshop Starting January 2011, Chris Novak and Jason Shaffer (in association with Trez Music Education Center) are bringing an unprecedented, professional music and educational experience to Central PA. The I.C.M.P. Workshop is a comprehensive, 16-week workshop that intensively takes each student down the path of professional songwriting, arranging, production and […]