Adam Gingrich

Adam Gingrich Manic

Adam Gingrich – Manic A new album that showcases the artist’s varied creative approach and energetic attitude. Adam Gingrich is a passionately honest and direct singer/songwriter based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With a focus on creating appealing yet thought-provoking music, his sound blurs the lines between various genres and ideas, mixing pop/rock structures, emotionally intelligent lyrics, […]


Jefferey Allen-New Album

Jeffery Allen listens to play back as we are working on production

  I had tons of fun working with Jeffery Allen on his new album. He brings in these great songs and allows Ron Simasek and myself to really run with them and have fun with ideas. The three of us working together is a very natural and organic process. We set up and play like a […]


Pishima + Resilience EP Release

  I worked with Pishima earlier in 2017 and as a result, produced this 4 song EP for her. She is only 16 years old, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I first heard her demos. It’s easy to say she has a very unique voice and probably one of the most […]


Kenny Deckert – Album Completion

Kenny Decket & I Celebrating the completion of the album

An impromptu call during the Summer of 2016 lead to a first conversation between Kenny & I. This musician had just moved back into the area and had great song ideas, however no working band to pull the music together. “Is that something you can do?” he asked, “can you take my vocals, song ideas […]