Studio Policy/Payment

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the studio policy. A clear understanding of the policy will reduce confusion later on and allow your session to be as constructive and enjoyable as possible.




  • Studio time is booked by appointment only via phone or email. Walk-ins are not accepted.
  • A deposit equal to half of the projected studio time is required to book time.
    • Deposits for cancelled/rescheduled sessions will remain valid for a period of six months.
    • Once this six month time frame has passed, the deposit will be considered void.  Once a deposit is made it is not refundable.
  • The billing of a recording session begins at the start time agreed upon during the booking. I recommend getting here 10 minutes early and sit in the lobby until the session before you is done.  Please do not barge in on someone else’s session. Be respectful.
  • Session cancellations must be 2 business days in advance per day scheduled. (Example: 2 consecutive days booked requires 4 business days notice.)
    • In this case your deposit can be applied to another studio date.
    • Cancellations less than 2 business days before your scheduled time renders deposits non-transferable/refundable.
  • In the case of snow and bad road conditions, exceptions will be made to reschedule.
  • By making the deposit and scheduling a time and date for session it confirms you have read my policies and secures and confirms the session time booked.
  • It it not my responsibility to call or contact anyone prior to a session to make sure you are coming or to find out where you are if you are running late/no show.  This is only due to the fact that I have full session days almost everyday; I simply do not have the time to contact everyone.
  • In the case of a bigger production session/band, we will be in touch a few days before to coordinate set up and a plan.
  • If the artist and studio are able to go longer than the projected end time for a session, make sure you are able to pay for the extra time in full at the end of the session.
    • Studio time will be charged by the quarter hour and pro-rated.
  • No copies of recordings, masters or multi-track files in Full Tilt’s possession shall be released to the client until all open accounts have been settled and all checks tendered as payment have cleared. Including any other obligations that may be unresolved.
  • One blank CD will be included with the session.
    • Each additional CD will cost $2 a piece.
    • You are certainly allowed to bring your own CDs.
  • Time MUST be made at the end of the session to burn CD’s or transfer files before session end time.  I most likely will have another session after yours, which means we need to stay prompt and respect other people’s time.
  • Payment is required upon completion of each session.
    • Payment may be made by Cash, Check, Pay Pal or Debit/credit card.
    • Fees: $35 fee for returned checks. 4.0% convenience fee added to credit card, debit card & Pay Pal payments for all services. There is no added fee for check and cash payments.



Sessions tend to flow much better when there are less people hanging around. The more people you bring with you, the more distractions there will be. Distractions will cost you money and take away from your focus.  I’m not saying you can’t bring anyone, just make good choices on who it is and how many people.

It is also harder for me to concentrate mixing and editing with a crowd of people behind me being loud. For the best possible experience and product, I encourage you to bring along people who will benefit you and your music. I’m not a killjoy, I promise, I’ve just seen clients waste a lot of money in my studio because they brought a bunch of friends who all wanted to have fun which involved no contribution to the production/creative process.



Tech set-up and studio prep will occur the day before the session. I will have everything set up and ready for the band to walk in and get started with very little set up on your part. This normally takes an hour of time which is included in the first invoice.  Ask me more about this and I will gladly explain why this is a good idea for all involved!



  • Bring a hard drive so we can transfer your session files and materials when the project is complete so you have your own back up of the work.  I do keep backups and archive finished projects in the studio on separate hard drives; however, if a hard drive fails and any files are lost, I am not liable for those lost files.
  • Charge all of your electronics upon arriving to the studio and bring a charger with you.  It is a creative buzzkill if you use your iPhone to read lyrics, it dies, and there isn’t a charger.
  • Bring typed lyric sheets.


Thank you for your attention to Full Tilt Production’s studio policies. I look forward to working with you for all your creative needs.

Payments can be made below

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