Shelba Purtle Recording Hang Drum

Shelba Purtle recording Hang Drum

I had the privilege to record a new instrument today that I’ve never worked with before. “Hang Drum” (pronounced as Hung) Shelba Purtle was in recording for her 2nd album release.  Doing this as long as I’ve been doing it I don’t get many opportunities to record “New Instruments” everyday.  This was a very unique and fun […]


Carousel Drive – EP Recording

Carousel Drive consists of Singer/Songwriter Jeff Frank. Carousel Drive was formed in 2015 after Jeff ventured off to create his own project. Originally from Selinsgrove Pennsylvania, Jeff is very active in the San Diego California music scene since he moved out there 2 years ago. Carousel Drive roots influences from music acts such as Snow Patrol, […]


Corianne Silvers

The last 2 days have been pre production with Corianne Silvers. Tons of cool ideas explored, really liking where this is headed.