Musician Testimonials

Nathan Veshecco – Singer/Songwriter

I’ve built my working relationship with Jason in several studios over the past decade, and the space he’s cultivated at Full Tilt is everything I’ve craved in terms of intimacy and comfort. He loves musicians and knows their records well, and in his hands, your record will be more than safe. It will be that beautiful creation you always wanted it to be.

Corianne Silvers – Singer/Songwriter

Our story with Jason Shaffer and Full Tilt recording Studio really begins before we ever met to work on the project. After contacting several other studios in the Tri-County area and getting very little response and even scheduling a full band recording session with someone else only to have it cancelled 2 hours before the slot because the sound engineer wasn’t going to be “ready’, it was an incredible relief when Jason returned my first phone call within 24 hours. From the start, there was a mutual respect for the time, money and talent being invested in the project. This was my daughter’s first experience recording her own music in a studio. Full Tilt was the perfect fit for us.  Jason is very professional and patient, yet he still gives valuable, honest feedback and constructive suggestions. One of the earliest thoughts that Jason expressed to us was that he really wanted to help us record the songs as the singer/song writer intended to have them sound; essentially staying true to what makes each artist unique but enhancing their work through collaboration and production. This is exactly what he did. The powerful thing about that simple statement is whether you are seasoned professional with many albums and awards to your name or you are a young, talented 15 year old just finding your way: isn’t that what both artists are truly looking for in a recording experience? Every part of this creative experience was enjoyable and our time in the studio was very productive. The other artists that Jason brought in along the way were so talented and had great attitudes as well as an obvious commitment to the quality of their work.  We would highly recommend Full Tilt Recording Studio for any type of professional recording need – big or small! 

Ravi – Musician


Attempting to search out the best possible avenue for the production of my album, I worked with multiple people as well as a “professional” bigger budget recording studio. After the album was finished I just wasn’t completely happy with the quality. I found and contacted Jason and he worked within my budget to identify the other studio’s actual mixing mistakes. Not only did he fix these problem areas but he went above and beyond that. He was a great pleasure to work with. So much in fact that I’ll be skipping the “professional” studios next time and will simply work with him through the whole recording and mixing process. I’m finally content with calling my album finished because the quality is where it should be. Thanks so much Jason.

Louis Bianco – Rap Artist/Songwriter

I am 29 years old and have been writing for years.  I never recorded anything professionally, just in my basement.  No producer ever gave me the time of day because they never heard the music, just the sound quality.  Jason heard the music.  Jason hears the music, regardless of genre.  Jason has an innate ability of “hearing the idea“.  I don’t know how to play instruments.   I can’t make beats.  But I can record my ideas to any beat that I like to vibe with and then Jason builds a brand new beat around the words.  When I rhyme to his creations, my original lyrical content and delivery remain unchanged…the background, however, is exponentially improved! It fits the song, and it fits me as an artist.  He turns brainstorms into something audible, something beautiful.  I have never seen anything like it.  He strips everything and reconstructs around the flow and emotion of the song.  The man is an artist, a very talented artist.  He is also a very dedicated and driven worker.  I loved getting the text messages that would read, “Hey, we are close, I just gotta listen to it in my car one more time to make sure.”  His attention to detail, constructive criticism, suggestions, and LOVE OF MUSIC makes this studio the perfect place for like minded musicians to get a wonderful product and meet an amazing person.  Jason gave me a chance and my experience during the process has earned him a loyal customer, advocate, and friend.

Megan Davies – Singer/Songwriter

I’ve worked with Jason since I was fifteen. With every project that I’ve done, he has been amazing at figuring out how to get the sound that I am looking for. Many people today assume you have go to Nashville or New York to get quality recordings, but I feel Jason has consistently engineered and produced great work that competes on that level. The Full Tilt studio environment in general is fun and relaxed, which to me is one of the most important aspects for creativity during the recording process. I highly recommend Jason to any other singer-songwriter or band looking for a quality recording experience.

Dave Baboian – Musician

Jason is simply amazing.  The attention to detail and professionalism that went into the production of our backing tracks exceeded expectations many times over.  The end product is what counts and our tracks are of the highest quality.  Many thanks to Jason Shaffer and Full-Tilt for making “THAT BAND” sound awesome!!!

Alex Bew – Singer/Songwriter

Arcade Island

I had the pleasure of recording two singles and a host of drums and bass with Jason over the past few years. Not only is he extremely accommodating in terms of schedule, but he he has an innate ability to help hone your sound and guide your ideas into fully fledged sonic masterpieces. You might be able to write a 9, but I promise you that it can become a 10 when you have the honor to work with him.

Jordan Michael Coulson aka “JMC” – Songwriter

I have been a recording artist at the Professional level for 3 years. I have Produced 2 Full length LP’s and I owe any success to the ability, tireless work ethic, and intuition of Jason Shaffer. Jason’s Production skills are second to none. No matter how talented a client or artist is, Jason will accentuate their positive attributes and bring fourth the best possible performance that he/she is capable of. Jason’s skills are what attracted me to work with him initially, but his personality, professionalism and flexibility is what established our great relationship and will keep me coming back every time I am in need of production. I recently released a Compilation CD working with many inexperienced and amateur artists. Jason not only worked tirelessly to help us achieve our release date, but he even pulled in favors, put in extra hours of his own time, called upon his personal network of very talented connections and never once complained or wavered under the pressure of working under a very strict deadline. Jason’s ability is every bit the equivalent to that of any Producer/Engineer you would find at the highest level of the Entertainment Industry, and any artist in the Central PA area has the honor and privilege of working with him locally.

Jordan Capizzi – Singer/Songwriter


We first worked with Jason Shaffer while recording our debut record. We had little money and little time, and Jason worked within our guidelines to craft a product that far exceeded all of our expectations. Though Jason was both focused and professional while in the studio, he also approached our project with the emotional intensity of a passionate artist and music enthusiast. Jason gave us complete creative control of our recording project, but also gave thoughtful and helpful input so that, together, we were able to make the best final product possible. We now have completed our second record, and, though we decided to record the bulk of the album from our recently built home studio due to cost, we decided to work with Jason again through the mixing and mastering process. It is because of Jason’s diligence, friendly nature, and clear dedication to his craft that we will undoubtedly work with Jason on future projects and continue to benefit from his knowledge as a producer, engineer, and musician.

Mike Falk – Singer/Songwriter

As a solo artist with few professional connections, Jason was able to introduce me to some very talented musicians who brought my acoustic songs to life. He put more effort into all of my songs than I ever expected and produced something I am personally proud to share with others. Any musicians, if you want a quality recording, check this out. Easy to work with and affordable rates. The whole process was a blast.

Nate Myers – Musician

Nate Myers & The Aces
Jason was easy to work with and very accommodating. He has a great work ethic and an excellent ear. One of the things that I appreciated about him was his feel for the music. He makes suggestions if you ask him, but lets the artists guide the recording process. He offers knowledgeable and thoughtful feedback and is a great guy. Jason did a wonderful job with our project and we’ll definitely use his services again. Thanks Jason!

Adam Tarin – Musician

Royal Benson
From a personal and professional standpoint Jason Shaffer was fantastic to work with. His technical expertise and superior work ethic were major proponents in the conception and completion of what is our best recording to date. Going forward, I wouldn’t even consider recording with another engineer.

Bret Alexander – Singer/Songwriter

Multi-instrumentalist for the Badlees, Owner/Producer Saturation Acres                                                              Great engineer, great bass player. Great team player. Jason’s my kind of music person. First and foremost, he is always looking out for the song. He’s never just showing off. The world needs more guys like that!

Corporate Testimonials

Steve Kownacki – Final Focus Productions

Jason really is an integral part of my production world of recording dialog & narrations for TV, radio and other audio projects. Even tempered, adaptable & personable – great traits when the sessions get long. I love the attention to detail and repeatability when revisions or updates are needed. It’s a fun, stress-less experience.

Terry Selders – Susquehanna Entertainment

Jason is a rare talent. He has a great work ethic, knows the gear, gets things done and has a great ear to boot. He literally saved my Christmas CD a couple years ago. I’ve watched how he is like a sponge, learning all he can from the people around him and then applying that knowledge tastefully. He has my highest recommendation.

Dan Almoney & Ed Fox – Media Boomtown

Full Tilt Productions is a great asset to your project.  Jason’s steady hand and cool head help us shine.  We completely trust his craft and judgement in the field.  With Full Tilt Productions, our audio needs become turn-key.

Vivian Lambert – Lambert Promotions

I first met Jason several years ago while I was at a Nate Myers and The Aces gig. Nate Myers and The Aces had hired Jason to record the band’s performances over a several month period, while they performed live. Several times I found myself needing professional advise with respects to the music industry. It was during those times that I would draw upon Jason’s experience in the music business. I found him to be open, warm, friendly, as he generously and graciously answered all of my questions. I would recommend Jason as a producer to any of my musician friends. I saw how knowledgeable Jason is of the music industry, and just as important, how he treats the people who come to him with questions and concerns, seeking wisdom and advice.