Nate Myers Speakeasy Prophet 2023 Release

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Nate Myers – Speakeasy Prophet 2023 Release

The Nate Myers Speakeasy Prophet 2023 release is available now. The 3/3/23 CD release party was held at Grotto Pub in Enola, PA, with a guest appearance by Chris Purcell. The new album was mixed and mastered by Jason Shaffer of Full Tilt Productions and includes a uniquely honest collection of material worthy of mention next to the music of many songwriting greats. Read more about the new Nate Myers music and how to purchase, download or stream the songs today.

Undeniably Honest

When I started writing this article I was not in a positive, productive or even partially civil mood. The good news? As soon as I pressed play on the first track of the new Nate Myers album, my mood elevated as fast as the Skyrush incline at Hersheypark. It was not the song’s title (“Everything Will Be Alright”) or its lyrics, however, that caused instant mood-improvement. In fact, the song is ironically and somewhat comically dark. But it is undeniably honest. “Undeniably honest” is perhaps the best way to describe Nate Myers’ music as well.


Myers and his various bands have recorded and performed live in Central PA, the Tri-State region and beyond for nearly two decades. Speakeasy Prophet is a uniquely honest album. It is not collectively unique to Nate Myers and the Aces or its Duo and Trio performances, however. It is uniquely honest in comparison to modern music overall. Jagger, Dylan, Springsteen – Howlin’ Wolf – are all iconic singer/storytellers. The songs on the new album show flashes of these recording artists, while still highlighting the trio’s authenticity as writers, musicians and performers.


Harps, Horns and Hell-Yeah

Still, Myers might be best-known for his stylistic harp performances both on the live stage and on studio recordings. For anyone new to this band, “harp” refers to mouth-organ and/or harmonica – not the stringed instrument of the angels or ancient Greek kithara. Myers’ harp performances often feel timeless either way. This is perhaps because they express not only what he is feeling in every single note but also because they suit and support his lyrics.

Nate Myers and his bands are also no stranger to horn arrangements. Funky brass is dominant on one of their recorded covers songs titled “Banana Split For My Baby.” The horns on the final track on Speakeasy Prophet (titled “New Orleans Funeral”), however, are performed with an especially haunting and colorful character.

The truth is the truth. Nate Myers’ live shows illicit a strong loyal following at venues of all shapes and sizes. This is true for the Aces, Duo and Trio configurations alike. “Hell-Yeah” is what Myers’ fans say at every show and upon every new album release. “Hell-Yeah” is also what I first said when I heard the new album.


Nate Myers Speakeasy Prophet 2023 Release – Myers’ First New Album In Years

What makes Speakeasy Prophet different than other recordings released by Myers’ bands? First, it has been a while since the crew has released new music. Second, while all Myers’ music is honest, the tunes on Speakeasy Prophet feel like a haunting bittersweet reflection of the winding path life has taken for Myers and the band over the course of its existence. The songs make you feel the journey they took leading up to their recordings. Every single note is played with authenticity. Communication, dynamics and pockets between the musicians is natural. In fact, the new album displays an intuitive tone of improvisational connection in a way only artists who have shared stages for a long time can conjure.

The music on Speakeasy Prophet goes down easy, no doubt. The vocals create a sense of companionship with the storyteller and respect for his journey. The production and engineering place you in the room with the band, making you feel part of the performances. The lyrics incite reflection about how to work on ourselves as people without imposing on or anchoring down interpretations. Hell-yeah, indeed.


Speakeasy Prophet – Let’s Get Into The Music

The music on Speakeasy Prophet goes as Myers goes: Honest, authentic and fun. Speakeasy Prophet is emotional without forcing overly heavy vibes. A melancholy undercurrent runs beneath all the tracks but maintains a sense of hopefulness. The sound combines blues, Americana, soul, indie rap, funk and just touch of punk. The Ten (10) tracks on the new album by the Nate Myers Trio include:

Nate Myers Speakeasy Prophet 2023 Release

  • Everything Will Be Alright (This song has the perfect twist).
  • Mean People (Hard funky blues about dropping off negative people in your life and moving on).
  • All That She’s Not (Moving American groove, emotional lyrics and clever delivery).
  • Chuck Taylor (Perfect example of Myers’ ability as a writer to put his own honest spin on relationship themes).
  • Embrace It (Americana funk-rock with Myers’ unique mix of rap & sung vocals; about taking responsibility for your actions).
  • Speakeasy Prophet (A semi-dark take on barroom philosophy and between-set conversations).
  • Real Funky Concept (It truly is, from lyrics to music to production. This song moves!).
  • Little Drop Of Sunshine (A touching but powerful homage about a strong relationship bringing light to the darkness. This song was meant for the radio. The harp and guitar solos are on fire!).
  • Heavy Rains (Mellow acoustic instrumentation, melancholy but hopeful; a beautiful acoustic arrangement perfectly placed on the album).
  • New Orleans Funeral (Perhaps the coolest collection of horn parts I have heard in years. The mix on this song puts you in the middle of the street with Myers and the musicians. Pete Netznik’s guitar solo is brilliant. Should be a Nate Myers classic down the road.).

Musicians on Speakeasy Prophet

It is hard for me to pick my favorite track. Each song tells an individual story, yet the album is a perfectly weaved tapestry of brilliant writing and performances. Performers on the album include:

  • Nate Myers (lead vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, piano).
  • Pete Netznik (acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin).
  • Chad Salvaggio (drums, background vocals).
  • Chris “Nitzy” Heilig (drums on Embrace It and New Orleans Funeral).
  • Chris Purcell (additional guitars, background vocals).
  • Ralph “Puff” Sanchez (spoons).
  • John Tuzza (horn and wind arrangements).
  • Kayla Keating (clarinet and sax).
  • Matthew Landrum (trumpet).
  • Connor Devlin (tuba).
  • Dominic Mascaro (trombone).
  • Jason Shaffer (engineering, mixing, mastering, arrangements consultant).

What is your favorite song or performance on Speakeasy Prophet? Email the band via their contact page and let them know!


The Story of “New Orleans Funeral”

Chad Salvaggio was a huge fan of New Orleans. He loved the city, its culture, its music and its people. Chad was significantly more than a drummer for Nate Myers. He was a loyal brother and friend. Chad was a part of the character of the band. He was in everyone’s lives and then suddenly and shockingly gone. He passed away on January 3, 2021, right as the intensity of the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to diminish. The music on Speakeasy Prophet was not at that point fully recorded. Proper time to grieve was not afforded. The song New Orleans Funeral was written as a tribute to Chad Salvaggio – a musical eulogy recorded in his honor – to help cement his influence on Myers’ life and the life of all those who knew him. RIP, Chad Salvaggio – Drummer, friend and beloved brother to an entire community of musicians and fans.

Message from Jason at Full Tilt Productions

Nate Myers is a musician and person I have respected for years. I always loved working with Nate, Pete, Chris, Chad and all the other musicians on Nate’s projects. Recording Speakeasy Prophet was a blast! I am grateful to have been asked to be a part of this album. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved every single song and session. Thanks to Nate and his band members for bringing such a great project to Full Tilt once again!


Speakeasy Prophet – How to Purchase

Nate Myers albums are available for purchase on the band website HERE. Selections of Speakeasy Prophet can be streamed via the Nate Myers ReverbNation page. Information about upcoming live shows is listed on the band webpage as well as the Blues Society of Central PA (BSCP) website. For more information contact Nate Myers or Jason Shaffer online today.