Wilkes-Barre, PA is home to the F.M. Kirby Center where The Badlees will perform their self-titled album release concert on Saturday, March 25, 2023. Jason Shaffer had the privilege of mixing five of the new songs from this new Badlees album at his Full Tilt Productions recording studio. Read ahead to hear what it was like for Jason to mix great music as both a new engineer for The Badlees and an old-time fan of this continuously popular Northeast-PA band.

NOTE: The original show date of 12/23/22 was rescheduled to 3/25/23 due to severe winter weather. Contact the Kirby Center at  570-823-4599 (Administrative Office) or 570-826-1100 (Box Office) for all ticket and show-related questions.

The New Badlees Album Recipe for Success

Blending nostalgia with newfound inspiration is often a goal in music production. Mixing sonic flavors from old recipes with ideas from new ones helps shape anything from popular trends to national menu staples. I have worked in the professional recording studio world with Ron Simasek (Badlees drummer) and Jeff Feltenberger (Badlees rhythm guitarist and background vocalist) for a long time. In addition, Simasek, Feltenberger and myself have been friends outside the professional realm for years. I hire Simasek on as many of my client projects as possible and have co-produced and engineered projects with Feltenberger frequently as well.

Churning the Pot on the New Badlees Album

I also had the honor of recording Nyke Van Wyk on violin numerous times. Bret Alexander hired me for drum editing work in the past. I mixed a handful of songs on the upcoming Pete Palladino solo album. I mastered a Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen album. This album was mixed by Badlees bassist/engineer Paul Smith. All these connections led to Alexander offering me  engineering work he and Smith typically handle themselves. The Badlees recorded their entire new album under serious time restrictions to allow for its release this winter. I am excited and thankful for the opportunity to have worked on a real-deal Badlees album for the first time in my career. Continue reading to learn about the new Badlees album and how to buy tickets to their upcoming Kirby Center concert now.

All About the New Badlees Self-Titled Album

Releasing new music previously contained mystery and excitement for music fans around the world regardless of genre. The ten brand new songs on the new The Badlees album are already generating a buzz, however. The writing is crisp and honest. Organic performances blend with modern production enough to incite a newer audience to ask, “What have we been missing?”

Track 03 (Faces Under Glass) has an up-tempo rock beat 90’s music fans might bounce around the room to with their collective vodka and Red Bull. Soaring violin melodies performed by Van Wyke add new elements forcing listeners to consider how the song sounds familiar, yet somehow better. Track 04 (Tear It Down) has an angry indie music Greensleeves vibe to it, which says “I drink alone at Christmas but kick ass again New Year’s Day.” Hypothetically, in-between those holidays the melancholy lyrics to “These Days” ask what is still left to fight for in the narrator’s world.

Following suit with a touch of humorous irony is Track 07 (Nasty Alcoholic). Written by Mike Naydock, composer of the Badlees hit Angeline Is Coming Home, Nasty Alcoholic lays out the life and challenges of “a nasty alcoholic in a town full of nice ones.” The Badlees new album is available for a low ten-dollar ($10) downloadable purchase or fifteen ($15) dollars for a CD. Additional songs available for individual purchase as singles include:

  • 1000 Melodies Without Words (Track 01).
  • 10 Ton Heart (Track 02).
  • What I’ve Wasted (Track 05; driving, edgy; blend of Palladino/Feltenberger Vocals, heavy guitars and indie violin).
  • Leaving Here (Track 06).
  • The Price You Pay For Being You (Track 08; The Badlees’ take on Philly Soul; reflections on the cost of maintaining your authentic self).
  • These Days (Track 09; see above).
  • My Friends (Track 10).

An Honor and a Privilege

Mixing high quality music is my passion. Whether as an engineer or a fan, I strive to do my best work on every project produced at Full Tilt Productions. Working on this new Badlees album has been one of the proudest moments of my long career. Thanks to Bret, Pete, Jeff, Ron, Paul and Nyke for including my efforts on your ninth studio album. As your music has for decades, I am certain this new album will inspire musicians and attract new fans for years to come.

How to Purchase The Badlees Tickets

Purchase your tickets to the Saturday, March 25, 2023, Badlees album release show at the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA HERE. Purchase the new self-titled The Badlees album (digital download and CD available) HERE. Contact Jason Shaffer at Full Tilt Productions to book a free consultation to discuss your mixing and music production needs today.