Adam Gingrich – Manic

A new album that showcases the artist’s varied creative approach and energetic attitude.

Adam Gingrich is a passionately honest and direct singer/songwriter based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With a focus on creating appealing yet thought-provoking music, his sound blurs the lines between various genres and ideas, mixing pop/rock structures, emotionally intelligent lyrics, and crystal-clear, soul-tinged vocals into music that holds as much commercial potential as it does artistic integrity and one-of-a-kind vision.

Inspired by legendary artists like Queen, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles, Adam creates music that packs a lot of punch in terms of melodies, great lyrics, and infectious rhythms. With such varied influences, his own songs demonstrate a versatility that can successfully go anywhere, from pop appeal to soulful grooves and back again to the kind of rock energy that will have you head-banging in your car.

Adam kicked off 2019 in style with an amazing new release titled Manic. Demonstrating that he is truly a multi-talented musician, Adam played all the instruments himself on the album production.  Adam and I would work on one song each day.  He would present the song to me in an acoustic or raw demo format, and from there we would shape and arrange the form and vibe of the song and figure out what type of production best suited each one.

Manic features twelve songs, including 3 acoustic renditions of some of the most impactful album tracks, “The Ocean,” “And Forever” and “Tryst.” Each track on Manic stands as its own unique and lustrous gem, leaving the album itself as an overall great calling card for an artist with such a diverse creative scope.

Right off the bat, Adam strikes listeners as a very honest songwriter. While his music is appealing and direct, his thematic concepts still manage to be very personal and earnest, connecting with listeners on a much deeper level. Manic is a soothing yet upbeat album that will serve as a fantastic soundtrack to your day-to-day life. If you like great pop, classic rock and R&B, this album is the best of all those worlds so don’t miss out!

Adam Gingrich is a strong and articulate talent with the power to bring real music back into the mainstream. Anyone listening for a fresh, emerging artist with an accessible and emotive style needs to find his music today.   Find his music on all the major platforms!!

Adam Gingrich recording acoustic guitar during production

Adam Gingrich recording acoustic guitar during production