Intuitive Composition and Master Production Workshop

Starting January 2011, Chris Novak and Jason Shaffer (in association with Trez Music Education Center) are bringing an unprecedented, professional music and educational experience to Central PA. The I.C.M.P. Workshop is a comprehensive, 16-week workshop that intensively takes each student down the path of professional songwriting, arranging, production and recording. Topics include: Composition and Improv Theory; Arranging and PreProduction; Production and Engineering, and; Mixing and Mastering.

Instructor Statement: This workshop shows how everyone is using the same musical tools and that its students can create with these tools as well as popular artists. We will compare demo recordings to mastered recordings of the same songs. We will explain the differences and similarities between the roles of producer, engineer, performer, etc. There will be guest appearances by session veterans, and discussions about how different people with varying talent levels and areas of expertise work together to get the best musical result. The workshop teaches that the production process is not about ego or holding onto an idea just because it was yours…but it IS about whatever it takes to get the best possible recording and performance. And most importantly, we get the students intricately involved in thatĀ process from day one.

Contact Beth Trez at 717-679-0759 orĀ for immediate signup.

For further information, contact:

Chris Novak at 717-315-8702 or


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