I’ve been hard at work with Ryan Carter doing production on his single “It’s The Little Things”.

Ryan brought this song to me awhile back as a garage band demo.  Right away I could tell this was a really good song, especially when it hit the chorus with big vocals singing a very memorable melody.

     I made a couple arrangement and production suggestions to further enhance the song. After bouncing a few ideas back and forth, we had a new demo arrangement.

     We brought in Ron Simasek for drums and started to add dynamics to the arrangement.  We did this cool percussion intro that leads into the first chorus which sounds very woody and almost haunting.  With the acoustic guitars and bass building, it serves as a perfect transition to lead into the chorus, and let everything hit you.

     We just wrapped up adding electric guitar textures and leads. Next, we’ll be moving into vocals and keys.

The below video is Ryan recording the actual take of the solo that made it onto the song.

Ron Simasek's drum road map

Ron Simasek’s drum road map