DubbyGotBars acoustic song Central PA Recording Studio Harrisburg

Long time artist and friend Caleb Joyce (DubbyGotBars) did something different than we usually do last time he was here . We decided to perform the lead vocals and acoustic guitar live over a beat and do very little overdubs and production on the back end besides mixing. We’ve been getting really great feedback since […]


Knoxx – New Album Release

On September 18, 2015, Knoxx will be releasing his STRONGLY anticipated follow up album to 2012’s “Love’s Reflection In A Broken Mirror”. The album titled, “Before The Sins/After The Lies”. This will be the first album to be officially released on the Freetown Dreams label. This is also the first album With music production by […]


Louie Bianco

Very happy with the production direction I went today on a new song that all started with a vision by Louis Bianco. Can’t wait to send this to you for ya to check it out!