Evy Zee

Evy Zee laying down some vocals

  Last week I had the pleasure of working with Evy Zee for a few days. She came up from Nashville to work on her newest single “Nightmare”.  We started production on this in the end of 2016. We ended up putting it on hold until she came back into the area to do vocals and tie […]


Beth Bowers – starting production on a single

Beth Bowers In Production tracking a new single

  This week is off to a great start….. Tracking and Co-producing a song for Beth Bowers that is totally rad!!!! Eddie Collins is beating the drums and doing the guitar picking. Full song tracked with vocals in one day. Should have this mixed and mastered by the end of the week.    


Carousel Drive – EP Recording

Carousel Drive consists of Singer/Songwriter Jeff Frank. Carousel Drive was formed in 2015 after Jeff ventured off to create his own project. Originally from Selinsgrove Pennsylvania, Jeff is very active in the San Diego California music scene since he moved out there 2 years ago. Carousel Drive roots influences from music acts such as Snow Patrol, […]


Adam Gingrich – Album Completion

  I first worked with Adam in a band called “The OK Rivals” a few years back. We both immediately hit it off and really enjoyed working together. Now he is working on his solo project and taking a very different musical direction.   The first thing he told me when he came in to […]



In the past few weeks I got to spend a lot of time with Ravi from Phyllotaxis. I had a blast working with him while mixing & mastering his first release and we also had lots of fun quoting our favourite TV show Little Britain while doing it. He has found his own unique sound and […]


Composition & Production Workshop

Intuitive Composition and Master Production Workshop Starting January 2011, Chris Novak and Jason Shaffer (in association with Trez Music Education Center) are bringing an unprecedented, professional music and educational experience to Central PA. The I.C.M.P. Workshop is a comprehensive, 16-week workshop that intensively takes each student down the path of professional songwriting, arranging, production and […]