Last week I had the pleasure of working with Evy Zee for a few days.

She came up from Nashville to work on her newest single “Nightmare”.  We started production on this in the end of 2016. We ended up putting it on hold until she came back into the area to do vocals and tie up some loose ends, before mixing and mastering.

This single will lead into a 6 song EP project we will be starting in the near future.

I’m very excited to complete this song because I think it’s one of the most creative things I’ve produced  with a solo artist. It simply started with an acoustic guitar and vocal demo and turned into such an amazing piece of art.

Now that we have this song completed, and have a chemistry and vibe going, I’m looking forward to the EP even more.


Evy also brought some amazing people along with her that were incredible to meet and connect with.

Derek Banks of DK Productions & Pulsar Films came along to film for a documentary he is doing on Evy in the next few months and on the making of the EP.  Along with Krista & Rob Mattern of Studio 28 Photography & Promotions.


Photo Credit to Studio 28, thank you for capturing such great pictures of these sessions.


Photo credit to Studio 28