Take 147 "Nothin' To Loose"  Full Tilt Productions Recording Studio Harrisburg PAOver the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with the high energy all girl rock band, Take 147.  The band was formed in 2005 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has been extremely popular in the surrounding area’s rock scene.

This past June, Take 147 released their debut full length album entitled “Nothing to Lose”.  I was beyond excited to assist in the creation of the album.  It always makes my job so much easier when the artists I work with have not only a passionate mind-set, but a fun and hard working attitude.  These ladies were all about having fun while working hard and it really shows in the outcome of the album.

After a very short time, it was easy for us all to get in a rhythm during the pre-production process.  The trust between the band and myself was there in no time which really sped up production.

My main objective with Take 147 was to take the raw element of the band’s live performances and refine the sound so that it grasped a commercial component while also keeping the sound organic and true to the band.

You can hear all sorts of elements from different genres in Take 147’s music such as gritty rock, hair bands and even hip-hop.   With the combination of these different influences and the talent of the band members, the collection of music that you will find on this project and any future projects is something I am truly proud to be a part of and hope to be a part of again.

Check out some of their music below.

 Salvation Ends – Music Snippet

Nothin’ To Loose – Music Snippet

To hear more or get more info on Take 147

check out their website.