Left to Right - Paul Barlowski (bass), Albert "Big Al" Halterman (guitar/lead vocals), Paul "PMCF" Cochran (drums), Joe Defiant (lead guitar)

Full Tilt Productions and Defiant are coming in strong amidst the 2020 apocalypse! Defiant is bringing a sonic apocalypse with the re-release of their album “Anarch-EP.” With a dynamic sound featuring classic punk, hard rock, and heavy metal, this four-person South Central, PA band formed in 2018 and has derived inspiration from punk and heavy-metal legends such as; The […]


The Black Saxons

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the band’s 1st release titled “Disaster!”  This album is full of straight up edgy rock n’ roll.  The band has a way of mixing old punk, experimental garage rock & classic rock together for a blend of good fun catchy upbeat songs with tons of energy. We did […]