Sixty & I were both excited to get back in the studio with each other.  When we started discussing ideas about these songs we couldn’t wait to get behind the microphones and mixing board to make it happen. We compliment each other very well and never know what’s going to happen when we start, but at the end of the day we are always excited about what we have created.

Sixty originally came from a background of hip hop and rap.  But has drawn from a variety of music that has inspired him such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles to name a few. In his own writing and production he has found ways to mesh all this together to be his own cohesive sound. With the release of “Saturn Synopsis” he has created a musical work of art that takes you on a journey.

For the recording of this album Sixty brought in numerous artists and friends to lend their talents including Zack Gingrich on guitar, Sean Saman for Cello and a rap feature with Godchild.  I had the honor of Co-producing and also performing on his colorful compositions.  Also to note that the amazing artwork was done by Jason Sullivan.