Singer/songwriter/guitarist Ryan Carter has undoubtedly made his mark on the Central Pennsylvania music scene. Most notably with the popular PA cover band ‘Lucky You’, which toured from Killington, Vermont to Key West, Florida. Carter picked up his first guitar at age 13, and has been writing and performing ever since. Since then, a style has developed in his songwriting and live performances that certainly sets him apart.

I’ve been hard at work with Ryan Carter doing production on his single “It’s The Little Things” that is now released on itunes. This song was originally inspired by a man who is so happy about something that so many of us would take for granted, a new pair of shoes, but quickly the meaning of this song grew much deeper. Ryan lost his brother to cancer this past February, and much was put in to perspective. The little things in life are what really matters, not money and material items.

Ryan brought this song to me awhile back as a garage band demo.  Right away I could tell this was a really good song, especially when it hit the chorus with big vocals singing a very memorable melody.

     I made a couple arrangement and production suggestions to further enhance the song. After bouncing a few ideas back and forth, we had a new demo arrangement. We brought in Ron Simasek for drums and added electric guitar textures and leads, and finally vocals and keys. This song has been amazing to work on, from beginning stages, to the final result.

Recently It’s been getting highlighted on radio station MERF 95.7