Ronnie Rhoads is a guitar player who I’ve been hiring for session work on my projects for years. He’s not a guitar player who just comes in and plays licks and riffs over songs.  He really listens to find the essence of the song, and adds just the right parts to really make it come to life.

He is also a songwriter, engineer and producer himself, which means he brings so much more to sessions than only playing guitar.  He brings his own ideas of what may be best with the song and meshes them with the vision I already have.

Because he is a songwriter and producer himself, he has had many opportunities to produce other artists that have sought him out to do so.

Ronnie Rhoads Full Tilt Productions Recording Studio Mechaincsburg PA


Recently we have worked on two projects for singer/songwriters that are putting EP’s together. Joe Mohn Jr. was brought in to do drums. Having Joe behind the drums and Ronnie on guitar is like a musical dream team. They get the songs tracked with ease while giving it a professional feel & sound.

I always look forward to sessions with Ronnie because I know they will go smooth and we will get a lot of quality work done.

He is also available for live shows, and if you ever get the chance to see one of the bands he plays in, you will not be disappointed.

You can find out more about Ronnie Rhoads here.