Phil is an independent singer-songwriter from Los Angeles CA.  He has been working on a full length album in the LA area with his band, but was able to come into Full Tilt Productions a few months ago to record vocal parts.

Phil made another trip to the Central PA area a few weeks ago and was thinking of adding another song to the album.   Since the song is a solo acoustic guitar & vocal song, he wanted to take advantage of being in the area, and being able to track it with me at Full Tilt Productions.

Phil came in with an idea of what kind of a sound he was looking for, and played me the song so I could get a feel for it.  After getting the mics placed, and a sound we were both excited about, we had the guitar track laid down quickly & moved on to recording lead & background vocals.  These consisted of a smooth, light hearted lead vocal performance and back ground vocals for the interlude parts that we echoed and reverbed out during mixing for certain parts of the song.