Nathan Veshecco "Dreaming In Twin" Album Cover By Steve Parkin - Recording Studio Central PA Full Tilt ProductionsI once again found myself behind the mixing board for another Nathan Veshecco record. As with his previous album, “Sunset again”, he recorded himself at various locations in the midst of his travels from central PA to Ohio.

Once he finished recording 30+ songs he brought them all to me and we locked ourselves in the studio for a couple of days, for mixing. When we came out he had selected 24 songs that he thought best represented the story he wanted to tell.

These 24 songs resulted in his eighth studio album entitled “Dreaming in Twin.” This double album consists of Part One, “Beautiful Secret” (tracks 1-12) and Part Two, “Weary Soul, Restless Bird” (tracks 13-24).

Nathan Vesheco "Dreaming In Twin" Singer, Songwriter, Central PA Recording Studio Full Tilt Productions Mechanicsburg

You can preview some tracks here.