Kylie Nicole’s writing style can be described as a mix of introspective themes combined with her own personal experience. Kylie’s heart felt passion and authenticity just seem to naturally show up in her songs, her playing and in her vocals. Her new 5 song EP, “Stay” is an interesting mix of songs that exemplify her ability to write in different genres and styles. Pop, Rock, Americana, and even Reggae influences can be found in Kylie Nicole’s new music. The songwriter/artist has poured her heart and soul into these songs, and although “Stay” is her second EP, she has only just begun to scratch the surface.

The album is now available on itunes along with her first EP.

I had the pleasure of taking the Co-producer seat along with long time friend Jeff Feltenberger of The Badlees.

We also enlisted Ron Simasek on drums & Dustin Douglas for guitars along side Jeff and her Dad Steve Feltenberger holding the bottom down on bass guitar.