Remember the electrifying “retro/garage rock FREAK OUT” that is Hot Jam Factory? Front man Jordan Trevino, Phil Altenburg and Cristion Rocky have been back in the studio recently working on their full-length album, as a follow up to their EP “Checkered Past”.

They’ve recently made some additions to the band, including Zach Fallon on Bass and Mark Boeshore on Lead Guitar, adding even more depth to their work. They’ve also made the addition of a new vocalist, Cayt Lesher. Her intriguing and emotion driven vocals bring a new energy to the band’s work.

The first song that Cayt was a part of was “All Family”, a new track for their upcoming album. This song has so much energy, you find yourself engrossed after the first words escape their mouths. The bouncy, spirited vocals are captivating and the instrumentals are right there along with them.

They’ve also been hard at work on many other creative ventures, like their songs “Quick Trigger Finger” and “So Long”, which will be featured on their upcoming album. These guys just keep on bringing it in the studio and I’m sure you are all excited to see what’s next, I know I am.

Check out the latest from Hot Jam Factory…

All Family

[audio:|titles=All Family-Snippet]

Quick Trigger Finger

[audio:|titles=Quick Trigger Finger-Snippet]