Hot Jam Factory is where Garage rock, Psychedelic and Blues meet for a hell of a time. With Front man Jordan Trevino and Phil Altenburg on drums and Cristion Rocky on bass this three piece packs one energetic punch that’ll get you movin’. From the moment we first talked and they explained what style of music they do I was hooked and excited to work with them. Needles to say they did not let me down.

If you put together jangly guitar chords over a big back beat, add a gritty bass, weave some honest lyrics with unforgettable melodies & smooth haunting background vocals, add a splash of reverb and keep it jagged around the edges you get the basic sound of Hot Jam Factory. But they are not done there…. these songs can go from sounding like old blues tunes or lean towards raw garage rock. When I hear one of their songs for the first time, I never know what we will end up doing with it.

Hot Jam Factory is currently working on a full length right now.        If you want to check out an upcoming band and some great new music that’s gonna make you feel good…. Check out the “Checkered Past” EP.