Greg Maroney & I have done a lot of work together in the past.  Some of this work has made it to 1st round Grammy nominations.

He has approached & recorded past albums in many different ways, which led him to various states & pianos.

This time around he wants to utilize his own Yamaha CS 8′ 2″ piano sitting in the comfort of his own living room.

Greg does all his writing & composing on this piano, so it only makes sense for him  to want to record with his piano in a space he feels very comfortable with.

Last week i went to his house with my mobile recording rig to audition a few microphones on his piano. We also worked to figure out what kind of a sound he wants to capture, which will help when it comes time for doing the real recording that is slated for January.

You can find out more about Greg Maroney here.

Here’s a short example of one of the microphone set ups we did.

[audio:|titles=Greg Maroney Piano Demo]