I first worked with Adam in a band called “The OK Rivals” a few years back. We both immediately hit it off and really enjoyed working together.

Now he is working on his solo project and taking a very different musical direction.   The first thing he told me when he came in to talk about this album is that he wanted to infuse a soulful feel influenced by Motown and Stevie Wonder. He also wanted to include some modern production and songs that are somewhere in between pop, rock, edgy, gritty, & electronic, but rooted in good soulful jams and grooves; something that just makes you feel good. By the the time he finished his description I said “I am in and this is going to be amazing!!”

We took a different approach than most album projects. Instead of doing all the drums at the same time, then moving onto guitars and vocals, we did more of a song by song approach. After I listened to a demo of the song, we would set up for drums and get the right sound. Then we’d move onto acoustic guitar. After that we would do bass or keys, then move onto any other needed parts, and finally record vocals.

This was a really fun way to work, focusing on one song at a time, with all recording completed by the end of the day. I feel this allowed the songs to have their own life, and feel, rather than working on multiple songs in one session.

We just wrapped up the final mixing and mastering and sent it off for replication this past week.  The album will be available at shows and on itunes in November.

Adam Gingrich- Live Performance