Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter tracking acoustic guitar

       I’ve been hard at work with Ryan Carter doing production on his single “It’s The Little Things”. Ryan brought this song to me awhile back as a garage band demo.  Right away I could tell this was a really good song, especially when it hit the chorus with big vocals singing a […]


Carousel Drive – EP Recording

Jeff Frank "Carousel Drive" Recording 1st EP at Full Tilt Productions Harrisburg PA Recording Studio

Carousel Drive consists of Singer/Songwriter Jeff Frank. Carousel Drive was formed in 2015 after Jeff ventured off to create his own project. Originally from Selinsgrove Pennsylvania, Jeff is very active in the San Diego California music scene since he moved out there 2 years ago. Carousel Drive roots influences from music acts such as Snow Patrol, […]


Kyleen Downes – EP In Progress

Kyleen Downes & Spencer Rowland Drum Tracking

  All this week, I have the pleasure of working with Kyleen Downes on her first solo EP. She first heard about me and the studio from a long time friend & artist Nathan Veshecco, who lives in the same town as her in Ohio. After hearing some of the newer things Nathan and I have been […]


Adam Gingrich – Album Completion

Adam Gingrich "Talking Pictures" Album Cover

  I first worked with Adam in a band called “The OK Rivals” a few years back. We both immediately hit it off and really enjoyed working together. Now he is working on his solo project and taking a very different musical direction.   The first thing he told me when he came in to […]


REACH! & Fusion 98 – Album Release

REACH! - Fusion 98

  This past weekend REACH! celebrated their 10th anniversary and the release of their 3rd artist compilation album along with a new clothing line. REACH is a non-for-profit Artistic Development Organization, and is the brain child of Julliard Graduate Jason Reed, who started REACH 10 years ago in 2005. REACH serves to assist a community in PA […]


Colt Wilbur – Album Recording Part 2

Colt Wilbur & Gibson J45 acoustic guitar

Part 2 of tracking is done and all the recording for the new Colt Wilbur Band album is complete… unless we decide to sneak in any last minute parts. In the past few days we wrapped up lead guitar dubs, some insane keyboard parts that really put these songs over the top, and some really […]


Knoxx – New Album Release

Knoxx "A Dreamer's Toast"

On September 18, 2015, Knoxx will be releasing his STRONGLY anticipated follow up album to 2012’s “Love’s Reflection In A Broken Mirror”. The album titled, “Before The Sins/After The Lies”. This will be the first album to be officially released on the Freetown Dreams label. This is also the first album With music production by […]


Corianne Silvers – Album Completion

Corianne Silvers  "Along The Way" album cover

Almost exactly 2 months to the day of hitting record on the first drum smack, I am proud to say I am burning the final master disc of “Along The Way”. Corianne Silvers first full length album. I’m always excited when an album comes together after all the hard work, demos, arranging, pre pro, note […]


Moonlight Mutts – Album Tracking

Moonlight Mutts - Tracking a new album at Full Tilt Productions Harrisburg PA Recording Studio

The Moonlight Mutts have been hard at work tracking some tunes for an upcoming album release. They bring a nice mixture of edgy rock & some groovy rhythm and blues as a band but still supporting singer/songwriter based lyrical songs. All these songs will have you singing along and your toes tapping!!!  


Corianne Silvers-Vocal tracking complete

Corianne Silvers after vocals

Final vocals wrapped today with Corianne Silvers for the album…… 4 songs mixed so far, my next couple of days will be mixing the last 5 songs.    This album is turning out so amazing and I’m really proud of all the hard work everyone involved has put into it.


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