Jason Shaffer

Owner / Engineer / Producer

Jason was raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. While he didn’t seem to connect with the music playing on the radio at that time, he found his mother Charlotte’s stash of classic vinyl. His life long love affair with music was born. Jason’s early influences were The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and Credence Clearwater Revival to name a few.

It was then Jason knew he wanted to make his own music which led him to pick up a guitar. By the age of 15, he was playing in his own band. Curious by nature, his attention turned to recording where he created his own multi-track recordings using a karaoke machine. Eventually, he graduated to a 4-track cassette recorder and continued to learn everything he could about recording.

Once Jason completed High School, he left for Florida to attend Full Sail, the premiere audio recording instructional facility in the nation. It was there he began to hone his craft on the most current equipment and develop a feel for several genres of music such as rock, jazz, R&B, funk and country.

Jason returned to Pa in 2002 and worked with producer Bill Grabowski who is best known for his work with Bon Jovi early in their career. Jason’s reputation as a credible engineer was on the rise as he moved to Scott Wray studios where he soon became the chief engineer. Later he would move to After 7 Studios in Mechanicsburg working freelance.

In late 2009, Jason decided to go out on his own, and created Full Tilt Productions. This move put him in a position to accommodate virtually any recording or production need, and ultimately allowed him to better serve artists.

Jason’s goal is to provide a professional, quality product with a personal touch while cultivating relationships with his clients. His role as producer has grown dramatically over the past several years. When you work with Full Tilt Productions you can expect to find a wide range of services available to you.

Jason has worked with world class talents such as Jeff Feltenberger (x-Badlees), Tom T-bone Edmonds, Jessie Yawn and Bernard “Pretty” Purdie. Jason is a professional musician and once played with Grantham Road & Giants of Despair. He currently plays with Hybrid Ice and sometimes backs up Jimi Jamison of Survivor and can be available to play a live gig or perform on your recording project.